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Hermanns Wagner Brück Rechtsanwälte

The law firm Hermanns Wagner Brück Rechtsanwälte was established by Dr. Ferdinand Hermanns in 1966.

Today, it is a leading and recommended boutique in the field of antitrust law (see JUVE Handbuch 2018/2019).

Our clients include major enterprises as well as medium-sized firms and trade associations.

We offer advice on antitrust and distribution law as well as intellectual property rights and media law, and we also specialise in arbitration.

Antitrust law, intellectual property rights, distribution law - three legal fields that are closely linked in practice. Distribution agreements in the form of franchise or dealership agreements, for example, often have antitrust implications due to restrictions in view of products/services that form the subject matter of the agreement, such as restrictions on exclusivity, supply, distribution and/or use. It is therefore important to be familiar with German and, above all, European antitrust legislation in order to provide advice to companies on distribution matters, especially in connection with the planning and implementation or re-structuring of an entire distribution system. The same applies to cooperation and licence agreements. Providing advice on licence agreements also requires knowledge and experience in the area of intellectual property rights such as trademark law, e.g. when it comes to assessing the “value” of a licensed trademark and/or the (future) enforceability of any rights associated with it.

Keeping the size of our firm relatively small is key to maintaining quality and flexibility. This ensures that conflicts of interest can be clarified within minutes, that cases are handled by our experienced partners and that we work in direct contact with clients. This, combined with our in-depth industry knowledge, is what makes cooperating with us an attractive option. That's why we will remain who we are: a highly specialised law firm with a focus on German and European antitrust law.